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12 thoughts on “分享是成长的方式
  • 余果说道:

    I had a amusing conversation with ZhangSihang today.
    We shared the our views about communicating in suitable ways. I thought a soft-spoken person must be popular in the world.
    If you are capable speaker, you will properly respect other people, especially ladys. I have met a boy, he is so gentle that everyone wants to stay with him. When other people are talking, he will be a audient. When he are talking, he will try to make us amused and choose a topic which we are interested in to talk.
    The world is like a mirror, frown at it and it frowns at you; Smile and it smiles too. Also, respect it and it respects you. Everyone knows this theory, however most of people ignore it.

  • 罗静宜说道:

    A person could not be mature and powerful if he or she lived in a isolated environment.Everyone is unique.When people concern about one problem,they may hold various opinions about it because everyone has his or her own thinking ways.Sometimes we might ignore some factors of an issue while others have completed answers about it.As a saying goes:”Two heads are better than one.”We can always learn something new from others as they may have better ideas.Therefore,we can aqcuire their advantages and consequently promote ourselves.Without sharing,our lives would be bland.

  • 谢雨沐说道:

    今天的一天,都基本是这样子过的吧。晚上的数学考试不是很有信心,希望等数学考试成绩出来后,我能在努力好好巩固。现在基本就是这样,过一天算一天吧,每天努力就好。Try my best for everyday.总之,就是努力吧。大休之后有一个商赛,希望能在大休的时候努力学习一下有关商赛的知识。加油!

  • 冯嘉骏说道:

    As we all know,teaching is the best way to learn,in this course,you have communicated with others,so it’s also one of the way to share with each other.It’s obbligato for us to share if we want to improve us.You will increase your knowledge by sharing something with people because you can know if you have some mistakes and the opinions of others.
    Don’t be afraid to speak,trust youself and you will find share the ideas is easy and fun so just try you best to do it.

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  • 李小现说道:

    It seems that the knowledge which we obtain now is a preparation for the future new knowledge. Every time I consider we will touch a brand-new content in the text books which has no relationship with what we are learning now , the coming task in the textbooks shows knowledge is based on the last unit . For instance , today I learn something further about organic compounds in Chemistry while I forget what I learned about it ,as a result, someone reminds me I would get in trouble without Reviewing of the Original unit.

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  • 张思航说道:

    Nobody would lost all without joy and other people.
    Today I want to talk about this sentence,all of us could be a group or plenty of individuals .Sometimes we need to stay together to have fun or collaborate with each other to solve problems.However,it’s also necessary for us to keep alone,that is helpful for us to improve the independent problem-solving skills.Besides,another benefit of stay alone is that you can realize some intricate problems quickly and clearly.


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